Roberta Michele Quilico has been a working professional singer for over 18 years. Her pop voice is renowned within the Canadian music industry as being remarkably arresting, consistent and powerful. Her soaring voice effortlessly belts out an incredible range of notes that is out of reach to even the most seasoned vocalists. Roberta’s technically solid vocal ability has been honed over more than 20 years of intense vocal training, in her work as a Sony Music Recording artist and as a freelance singer/songwriter. Her unique ability to emotionally connect deeply with the listener in both recorded and live performance is virtually unparalleled in the Canadian music industry.

At the age of 14 Roberta was accepted to study voice with City of Edmonton Cultural Hall of Fame inductee, coloratura Opera singer Sherill DeMarco, at the Royal Conservatory of Music at Alberta College. Under DeMarco Roberta studied classical voice exclusively for 5 years. She entered and won countless classical competitions including the prestigious Alberta College Concerto Competition, where her prize was the opportunity to give her first classical performance fronting a full orchestra at sixteen years of age.

A deep curiosity for singing pop music began to take on a life of it’s own and she began to secretly question her direction as an opera singer. As she was establishing a promising and solid foundation in classical voice, able to sing in various languages including German, Latin, Italian and French, Roberta was covertly developing her love of singing pop music. She could be found rehearsing pop/R&B in her bedroom with a small karaoke machine for three to four hours daily. She began entering as many local, provincial, national and North American competitions as she could find- winning them all.

At 16 she beat out over 3500 competitors from coast to coast winning YTV's national “Search For The Singer Who's Got What It Takes” vocal competition- the first competition of it’s kind in Canada.

Roberta reached professional status at the age of seventeen when she was hired as the house singer in Edmonton's most prestigious restaurant and hotel- a residency she held for 4 years. Though skillfully developed, her pop vocal ability had to this point been entirely self-taught. This same year she met University of Alberta music professor Laurier Fagnan. Roberta became his muse, where under his instruction she learned to integrate pop vocals with the most coveted classical technique Bel Canto, employed by the world's greatest voices from Celine Dion to Pavarotti. It was then that her vocal ability began to transform into an elite Canadian voice that was beginning to attract more and more attention from the pop music industry.

She produced a demo singing music that she had written, and began to shop it to major labels from her apartment in Edmonton. In 1995, she caught the ear of Stephan Moccio (Celine Dion- A New Day Has Come, 2010 Olympic theme composer of "I Believe") who had just signed his first publishing deal with Sony Music/ATV Publishing . At twenty-one, Roberta moved across the country, to Toronto to further her career. She and Moccio produced a second demo that caught the attention of many major labels in Los Angeles, particularly Sony Music Publishing L.A.. Shortly thereafter, Roberta was signed to a recording contract with Sony Music Canada/Columbia Records.

During Roberta's courtship with Sony, The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) hand picked Roberta as the subject of a documentary exploring the journey of a new recording artist. For two years, with film crew in tow, her entire experience through photo shoots, writing, recording and performing, media training, marketing meetings, etc., was captured and became the NFB full feature documentary "Dream Machine". Through these experiences and that of being a major/label recording artist, Roberta has developed a keen sense of navigating the music industry and as such affords her a unique perspective over most all other vocal coaching options available in this country.

She has spent countless hours in recording studios, recorded more than seventy five original songs, collaborated with top writers, done national press tours, major television appearances and performances, starred in an NFB documentary, and was the opening artist for Amanda Marshall’s “Tuesday’s Child” tour, where she performed on all of Canada's most prestigious stages.

Though Roberta's focus eventually shifted to starting a family, she remained quietly active in music. She recorded the original demo of Celine Dion's massive comeback hit "A New Day Has Come" for her long time friend/producer/composer Stephan Moccio who co-wrote the tune. By special request of Celine, her original vocals were left untouched on the track as the “featured vocalist” where she is heard singing the title line throughout on both album versions on Celine’s six-time Canadian Platinum recording named after the song. This song became the #1 international hit on Billboard for 21 straight weeks. And Roberta was honored for her contributions with a certified Platinum award for this recording.

Her voice continues to be a coveted instrument, bringing to life the songs of Canada's major songwriters to showcase their works at the most elite vocal level. (Dan Hill, Stephan Moccio, Aldo Nova, Tawgs Salter, David Martin, Rob Wells and many more.) She has continued writing, and while she used to compose solely for herself, she’s written works that have been recorded by major French artists, most notably "Toute Une Vie" for legendary artist Mireille Mathieu, of France and "En Hiver" for Quebec superstar Marie Mai.

Within the past two years, Roberta has had the wonderful opportunity to give workshops in her hometown of Edmonton where she worked with inspiring young artists. During these intensive sessions, Roberta imparted her knowledge in weekend group workshops where the focus was vocal and songwriting instruction and music industry q & a. She fell in love with the process of mentoring, passing the torch and transforming the voices and songs of budding artists in a matter of hours. She discovered a new, indescribable joy in encouraging and helping young artists transcend their current level of ability. It was then that she became motivated to open her own school of voice and recording arts where she could continue to work consistently with local aspiring singers.

The Bird Loft School of Voice is the next frontier in Roberta's career.

Roberta Michele Quilico was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She is a mother to one son and has resided in Oshawa, Ontario since 2000.

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